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Book Cover for Hit Your Numbers and Keep Your Job

InSite is proud to announce the publication of Scott Parker’s book "Hit Your Numbers and Keep Your Job". Scott’s work is a great guide to how to develop and predict sales into large OEM customers. It is a must read for companies where revenue growth and accurately predicting future sales are critical. The book can be purchased as a paperback or electronic version.

Visit our Books page to read more about Scott's book and for links to where you can purchase it.

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90 Seconds of Thrills

Execution Matters

Based in the heart of Silicon Valley, InSite Partners specializes in helping promising technology companies grow and thrive, both through direct investment and hands-on work with the companies. In the world of product companies, there are many university, incubator and accelerator programs that help companies get a basic prototype built, obtain initial customer feedback and build a basic business plan. InSite focuses on taking companies from the prototype stage into full manufacturing with a fully developed sales channel to produce rapid and profitable business growth.

The InSite team has deep domain experience in the Telecom, Nanotechnology, MEMS, Battery Technology, Optical, Semiconductor, Biotech, Data Analytics, Software, Solar, Wind, and LifeSciences markets.

We often invest in companies where we take active operational roles. We will occasionally invest in companies where we do not take operational roles, but those investments tend to be significantly smaller in size.

The InSite team has successfully unlocked shareholder value in technology firms from start-ups to public companies with over $1B per year in revenue.

Founded in 2008, the firm is known for its distinctive technical heritage, hands-on approach and relentless focus on execution and results.