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Spring 2017

Source Photonics, one of InSite's investments and on whose Board Jo Major served, is successfully sold. InSite had invested along with Fransico Partners in the initial transaction to take Source, a division of MRV private, a few years earlier. The press releases can be found here.

InSite's work at Rocket EMS successfully concludes with Rocket showing sustained profitability and cash generation.

SensThys prepares to unveil its latest product at an upcoming trade show.


Times-7 is named by the Wellington New Zealand Region as the Best Emerging Business for 2016. Press release here. Times-7 is a UHF RFID antenna manufacturer and InSite Portfolio company that had struggled for its first seven years. InSite invested in late 2014 and Scott Parker took the CEO position while Jo Major designed their latest flagship product. With Jo Major’s product doing well in the market, and the Times-7 now profitable and growing, Scott Parker hands management of the company over to a New Zealand management team.

InSite Partners leads the investment round for RocketEMS with participation from new investors. This helps expansd the Company's sales and marketing efforts, as well as, broaden its service offerings for production customers. The press release can be found here.

Brad Gaiser and Jo Major receive a patent for the use of a bidirectional amplifier in LiDAR devices. This comes from work they did in designing and implementing a new low-cost LiDAR device for measuring wind speed and direction coming toward a wind turbine with the purpose of providing better measurements to optimize the wind turbine's power output under varying wind conditions.

Marla Sanchez takes the role of CEO and Board Member at Rocket EMS. Rocket EMS, located in Silicon Valley. Rocket is a high-value contract manufacturer of complex electronics boards. Jo Major joins the board of Rocket as Chairman. The press release announcing Marla Sanchez' and Jo Major 's roles in Rocket can be found here.

InSite moved forward with its next generation RFID product by incorporating SensThys, Inc. SensThys is jointly funded by InSite and Times-7. Scott Parker is CEO/Marketing/Sales and Brad Gaiser is Principal Engineer on the project. Scott Parker begins transitioning his CEO role at Times-7 to Times-7 new CEO, allowing Scott to focus on SensThys.


Scott Parker’s efforts to engage high-volume OEM customers yields a design win for Times-7’s first high volume product with one of the top three industry players. The relationship develops to include a joint development with InSite of a next generation product, which both companies believe can transform the RFID industry.

The fundraising for Times-7 concludes successfully. Jo Major becomes the Chairman of the Board, and Scott Parker joins the team as Vice-President of Sales with a primary objective to diversify the customer base in the United States and Europe.

Jo Major becomes a technical advisor for HSL, a New Zealand company focused upon using optical systems to detect dangerous situations in both sports and industry.

Marla Sanchez again is a judge for UCLA’s Student Entrepreneur Venture Competition.


InSite becomes the lead investor in Times-7, a New Zealand company focusing upon the RFID market. As part of this decision, Times-7 begins a corporate transformation away from boutique antenna manufacturing towards high-volume integrated products.

Brad Gaiser and Jo Major lead a team submitting a patent application for integrated RFID products for Times-7.

Saunders and Associates completes a management-led buyout (MBO). Following this successful transaction, Scott Parker is retained in an executive advisory position.

Scott Parker continues to build Saunders and Associates position as an industry leader when he is chosen as the only vendor to speak at the Chinese Crystal Association conference in Wuhan China.

Brad Gaiser is co-applicant on a PowWow Energy provisional patent filed in October, related to his work with PowWow in developing algorithms to detect water leaks in agricultural irrigation systems using the electrical power consumed by the pumps.

Brad Gaiser and Jo Major are co-applicants on a provisional patent filed in October related to the amplified optical circuits incorporated in a LiDAR device that InSite had been prototyping.

InSite’s first investment, D2 Solar, is sold to GT Advanced Technology, GTAT, a public company.

Scott Parker completes the initial restructuring at Saunders and Associates. Accomplishments include establishing a direct sales force, redirecting the mission of its Chinese facility and refocusing product development on a new line of etching systems. Results indicate the success of these efforts as the Company’s market share doubles from 20% to 40% from 2012 through the summer of 2014.

As part of Marla Sanchez' service as a Board Member of UCLA’s Institute for Technology Advancement (ITA), Marla Sanchez is a judge for UCLA’s Student Entrepreneur Venture Competition.


InSite’s foray into the veterinary treatment world culminates with acceptance into the First MOON Group Collaborative Conference comprised of some of the largest vet specialty clinics in the United States.

Scott completes the last chapter of his series of white papers on strategic selling. He consolidates the various papers into a book, Hit Your Numbers and Keep Your Job, A Guide to Major Account Sales Management. This title is available on Amazon.

InSite sells Centric, including the 60 GHz IP communication portfolio, in an all-cash deal to private investors.

Brad Gaiser provides analytical expertise helping PowWow with its first product launch. This work also results in the filing of a provisional patent in the water/energy space. PowWow participates in CleanTech Open at the regional and national levels taking first place at both levels with substantial cash prizes that help PowWow through its Angel funding round.

InSite is invited to participate in The Paso del Norte Venture Expo 2013, a showcase of technologies from around the Southwest Region including Texas, New Mexico, and Northern Mexico.

Scott is asked by Black Canyon Capital to expand his leadership role from VP Sales and Marketing to Chief Operating Officer at their portfolio company, Saunders and Associates

Jo Major is commissioned by Alcatel-Lucent to act as an expert witness in a significant international legal dispute. He helps Alcatel evaluate a variety of technical theories concerning the performance of telecommunication components.


Brad Gaiser and Jo Major are co-authors of a paper discussing the use of optical control architectures entitled "Yaw Control Optimization" in the January 29, 2013 edition of Wind Systems.

Scott Parker is deployed with a Black Canyon Capital portfolio company, Saunders and Associates, helping the business stabilize, grow revenue, and lay the groundwork for future expansion.

InSite is a corporate sponsor for the 50th Anniversary Symposium for the Light Emitting Diode. The symposium honors Nick Holonyak, Jr., the inventor of the modern LED and Jo Major’s advisor in his graduate studies.

InSite purchases Centric, an company focused upon productizing 60GHz chipsets for ultra-high speed near-field communication protocols. The intellectual property included patents and know-how developed at Georgia Tech.

As part of her service on UCLA's Institute for Technology Advancement (ITA) Marla Sanchez participates in the University of California's Technology Transfer Forum. Selected companies are reviewed to showcase progress over the prior year to their plan's milestones. The forum also discusses how the University programs could better improve the transfer and monetization of their intellectual property within the private sector.


Marla Sanchez and Scott Parker are invited by UNIST, a University focused on the Sciences, to visit Seoul Korea and present to the 2nd International Green Car Symposium. The presentations focused on building plans to penetrate the U.S. Market.

InSite leads the funding of D2 Solar. D2 focused upon the development of materials and processes allowing new, advanced solar cell materials to be reliably packaged into low cost modules.

InSite Co-Founder, Marla Sanchez, joins the advisory board for the Institute for Technology Advancement (ITA) at UCLA. ITA is focused on assisting the students and staff of UCLA get their technical ideas into the commercial world.

Jo Major joins the board of Source Photonics. InSite is the sole minority investor with Francisco Partners, taking Source Photonics private out of MRV.


InSite announces recent investment in Source Photonics. This investment is led by Keith Geeslin and Keith Toh of Francisco Partners.