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Marla Sanchez

Marla holds a B.S./M.S. in Biological Sciences from Stanford University and an MBA from Santa Clara University. Marla's career began in research developing veterinary vaccines. Following completion of her MBA, she moved into Finance with a focus on implementation of corporate wide ERP and costing systems. Her most recent corporate experience was as CFO of Avanex. Following the successful turnaround, Marla left Avanex to found InSite Partners with Jo Major.


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Growing up in rural New Mexico instilled deep appreciation for the values of practicality, hard work, loyalty, and survivability for Marla. Growing up in a harsh, poor, high-crime environment drilled home the importance of surrounding yourself with good people that you can count on and, of course, becoming someone others can rely on in return.

Despite coming from an impoverished area, Marla studied hard and obtained scholarships and went on to earn a B.S. and M.S. in Biological Sciences from Stanford University, along with a secondary B.S. degree in Psychology.

Marla started her career as a research biologist at Syntex developing veterinary vaccines. Working mostly in isolation in a lab did not afford her much interaction with what was happening in the company at a global level. Wanting more interaction with the business side of the company, she went on to earn an MBA from Santa Clara University and pursued a career in finance, specializing in business processes and costing systems. She realized that working in Finance puts you at the center of what's going on in a company.

This combination of science, organizational psychology and finance led to Marla developing a career in company-wide implementations of ERP systems and architecting costing systems at several high tech companies, such as Motorola, AMD, VLSI, and SDL. She honed her financial and management skills working in the fast-paced environments of Silicon Valley computer, semiconductor, and optical manufacturing companies.

At SDL, she was part of the executive team involved in the $41B sale to JDSU at the height of the telecom bubble. Her most recent corporate experience was as CFO of Avanex. Along with Jo Major and his management team, Marla helped improve the company's gross margin by more than 20 points, making Avanex profitable for the first time ever, and generating cash.

She co-founded InSite Partners with Jo Major to provide companies assistance in improving their execution skills and creating growth. She is available to bring her experience across all facets of the Finance discipline to your company.